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March 12, 2023 - March 31, 2023

Your online training schedule
that helps you reach your goal

Paula Radcliffe
The former marathon world record holder is ambassador and co-developer of running.COACH.
Her training knowledge flows into the running.COACH training plans.

Made in Switzerland

We are behind the plan

Paula Radcliffe

Former Marathon World Record Holder

Viktor Röthlin

European Marathon Champion

Frank Shorter

Olympic Marathon Champion

3 simple steps

In three simple steps to your individual running training schedule

1. Register for free

Desktop / Android / IOS

2. Enter your goals

Your present condition and your desired goal

3. Generate your training plan

Start your workout!

Training schedules for everybody

You would like to
improve your fitness and to take up running

Are you a running beginner and taking your first steps in structured and regular running training? We have the right training plan for you. Let us create your training plan.

You are looking for
a marathon / half marathon
training plan

Have you decided it's time to run your first marathon or half marathon? Are you looking for a suitable training plan? We have a training plan for every distance, from 5 km to marathon.

You want to beat
your personal best

Do you already have a few years of running experience and are looking for new training stimuli to improve your personal best? Our dynamic training plans will help you reach your goals.

Why running.COACH?

it´s intuitive
and easy to use

Upload your files from your Garmin, Polar, Suunto or Fitbit device directly into running.COACH.

You can also import trainings directly from Strava or Runkeeper.

it´s dynamic
and adapts to your progress

running.COACH analyses your training plan and adapts it if necessary (for example, in case of progress on your part).

it´s customised
and individual

Our training plans are tailor-made and take into account your planned main and preparatory competitions.

Your running experience and your current capacity are considered for the generation of your individual schedule.

What runners think about running.COACH

Christoph Friedli

Thanks to continued training with running.COACH, I was able to clearly improve on distances ranging from 10km to mountain running and marathon in the past couple of years, without risking an injury. Those successes encourage me to aim at new targets time and time again.

Claudio Langner

running.COACH was exactly what I was looking for. A training plan that adapts to my level and my training rhythm. I am thrilled.

Said López

running.COACH has helped me plan my entire season for the year. I love the flexibility with which the training plan is adjusted when an annual goal changes. I am very happy with the way it plans my week, the accuracy of the pace and heart rates, and the ease of use of the app. I find the dashboard very accurate and the stats help me keep a clear track week after week. This year my goal is to reach 800 ITRA points at three mountain ultras in Colombia, and I hope to do it with the help of running.COACH.

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