Subscriptions - Overview of the different types of training plans


running.COACH can be used as a training platform free of charge. Use the statistical analysis options, download your training directly from Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit or Strava into the training diary or track your runs directly with the running.COACH app. Register and benefit from the freemium version. No obligations are entered into with the registration. The running tips (newsletter) sent regularly by email are also included in the freemium subscription and the trial subscription.


All the workouts you log can be analysed in the statistics with just a few clicks. For example, find out how many kilometres you have run with which running shoe or on which surface.

Benefit from the ingenious option that running.COACH automatically synchronizes with your watch. Logging is done in a minute which leaves more time for training and recovery.

With the iPhone and Android App you can also use running.COACH on the go. Plan, track or log your training. Everything you enter in the app is synchronised with your online training plan.

As a running.COACH user you get hints and tips from our opinion leaders to every workout. Learn from the best and get faster!


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This is unique: Are you sick, on holiday or do you just wanna know more about training stuff? Then take the chance and ask our coaches by email. They will answer you within a day!


Ask our highly qualified coaches and benefit from their long-time experience in running and coaching. Who uses this option gets the most out of themselves.

As a Gold subscriber, you have the opportunity to talk to your coach on the phone. Discuss your goals, training results, or the adaptation of your training schedule to your current mood.

Your coach analyses your training protocols and, if necessery, adjusts your training accordingly. This guarantees an optimal preparation for your goals and a maximal exploitation of your potential.'

Health insurance

Quevita AG, that is, the product running.COACH, has been certified since march 2018 by QualiCert. Depending on the health insurance you have, you can get a funding for your membership. The list of health insurances including the according contributions can be found here:

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